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About Us

Here at EnerKinetix, we believe the potential that resides within the Human Body is Limitless. Our team aspires to take your body to new Peaks through our well-developed Neuromuscular programs. This system is designed to expedite recovery time, improve range of motion, and daily life activities.


How It Works

Our Technology Communicates with the body’s nervous system by sending high levels of currents through specific muscle groups causing deep muscle contractions. Pairing this with a series of movements or range of motion, muscles will then activate, lengthen, and absorb force more efficiently.

*If you are having or experiencing any health concerns, please contact your physician.



Improves mobility by releasing trigger points and stiff muscles



Addresses every muscle group from head to toe.

*This service is  also offered 4 & 8 session  package deals.

Neu-Recovery Current

Calm your nervous system with a passive electrical current (best used after extraneous activity)


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7104 Ohms Lanes 2nd Floor,
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Tel: 612-387-3101 or 952-334-9631


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